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Build endurance in your career

At Trek Trades, there are 5 main components to becoming a pro that give apprentices skills to become freelancers. The first four (Master Your Craft, Make your Music a Business, Market Yourself, and Perform Live) give the skills necessary to become a pro, along with the ability to use these skills/trades to make additional income. For example, to build your professional music career you need to be able to shoot and edit your own videos. If you find you enjoy the skill of video production, you can make this a trade you offer as a freelancer.


The fifth component of being a pro is Building Endurance in Your Career. This is going beyond the trades/skills you will learn in the first four, and explore trades that are unrelated to developing your artistry. Each apprentice will be responsible for shadowing 5 different trades, which are listed (but not limited to) the trades below. Once exposed to these trades, the apprentice will select a trade to become certified in through whomever they choose. This will be completed separately, while working alongside all of the Trek Trades courses. This trade will then allow you to earn additional income to feed and grow their music business.

Introductory Trades (not limited to):

[] Coding

[] Mechanic

[] Chef

[] Carpenter

[] Personal Trainer

[] Scuba diver

[] Real estate agent

[] Solder

[] Welder

[] Photographer

[] Writer

[] Home inspector

[] Booking agent

[] Interior Designer

[] Brewer

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