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Virtual & in person

10% of cost

of college

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Learn by doing

Study in

Get the essential tools & skills needed to sustain a living and become a master in the modern string world. 

Live with freedom in your career and give your art endurance. 

Create a financial plan of multiple revenue streams as a freelancer.

Music Recording

Master your craft and be mentored in classical & contemporary
string quartets 
by grammy winning
and world renowned


Perform live at real venues, booking shows & selling tickets instead of meaningless recitals

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Turn your music into a business:

  • Budget your gig revenue streams  with managing personal & business finances

  • Book your own shows 

  • Copyright & distribute compositions

Market Yourself:

  • Record yourself & learn Logic Pro

  • Shoot & edit videos 

  • Build a brand and website

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Hit the road touring and jump-start your professional career in the music industry in an intensive program.


with in person retreats

Network in Nashville

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