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Violin & Viola

Get a pro to teach you how to groove and solo like no other. If you are new to improvising, Trek connects talented players that have done it all.

Meet your instructors:


Cello, Cellola, & Bass

Cello is the bassline in every string quartet. Learn how to play in a modern and contemporary way by enhancing your skills classically, and finding new techniques. 

Meet your instructor:




tk moog cover.jpg

Master your craft

violin, viola, cello

Example of Contemporary Stringers:

At Trek Trades you will:

Study classical and contemporary string quartets. Learn to improvise. 

Need drum sticks & drum pad for rhythm practice.


Need a mandolin to work on Nashville number charts for gig theory & ear training.

Learn improvising, composing, & arranging skills with jazz form and Nashville numbers.

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